The Tree-Bomb Project

Learners and Parents of Kommetjie Primary got together on Saturday, 8th June to plant over 100 trees and a variety of plants to kick off the Re-Tree project and stabilize the Neighbourhood Farm Outdoor Classroom. The project was initiated by Karen Taylor-Vermaak, Maggie Joubert and Eugene Bosini (all residents of Kommetjie and parents of learners in KPS) in response to our recent drought and mitigation of the effects of climate change.

Francine, Christian and Andrew planting one of the 100 plus trees planted at the school.

The aim of the RETREE Project is to encourage families to leave a growing legacy in the form of a tree that will provide long-lasting benefits for both current and future children, the school and the general community of Kommetjie.

Helping Hands – Learners from KPS carefully planting trees.

The benefits of planting trees are well documented and help offset the excess of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. They attract birds, insects and wildlife. They stabilise and enrich the soil to prevent further erosion and loss of nutrients, and facilitate new plant growth. For our children, these trees provide shade and shelter during hot summers and rainy winters and offer windbreak for the tennis court and soccer fields as well as a pleasing aesthetic throughout the year.

Francine getting helping to distribute some of the donated trees to their new homes.

Our vision to beautify our community and establish Kommetjie Primary School as a green landmark to be proud of is well on its way thanks to the support and enthusiasm of our little community school. A huge thank you to all the people and businesses who donated tree, plants and time. In particular Bonnie van Ginkel, Induli Nurseries, Bob Thompson, Eugene Bosini from Greenbos, Harry Goemans, Shaun Skelton, Janine Nichols, Chris Vermaak, The Slyper, The Radcliffe Family, The Neighbourhood Farm and Maurice Joubert.