Homework Policy


Purpose of doing Homework

  • Reinforce and consolidate work done in class
  • Develop responsibility and good learning habits
  • Provide quality structured time between learner/parent and care-giver

Daily Routine

  • The three R’s and Afrikaans (for enjoyment)
  • Monday to Thursday
  • Scaffold in terms of time
  • Content subjects as per class time-table

3 Types of Homework

  • Practice – revise, review, reinforce
  • Preparatory-future work
  • Extension – imagination

Expectations of Parents/Care-Givers

  • Take an active interest in homework
  • Provide an environment conducive to do homework
  • Monitor and sign completed homework
  • Not to do the homework
  • Communicate homework concerns to the teacher

Role of Teacher

  • Homework given must be stimulating, relevant and classwork related
  • Must monitor/assess the homework
  • Must check it on a daily basis
  • Check for correspondence from parents
  • Provide feedback to parents/care givers iro homework

Role of Learner

  • Realise the importance of homework
  • Ensure homework is of a high standard
  • Make sure that your parent signs the homework completed
  • Understand the instructions with regards to the homework or projects
  • Honours deadlines iro homework or projects given