Uniform and Appearance

The following rules apply to our school uniform as from 2015.

  • All pupils at Kommetjie Primary School must wear the correct school uniform.
  • Black leather school shoes and black ankle socks are part of the uniform. This must be worn for outings and special occasions.
  • When wearing long pants, shoes and socks must be worn.
  • There will be a uniform order form available next term to order polar fleece, long sleeved golf shirt and track suit.
  • The stone golf shirt must be worn with the skirt.
  • Girls are not allowed to wear shorts but can wear long pants.
  • Knitted black stockings must be worn with the skirt during the winter months.
  • Shoes and socks must be worn on outings.
  • Uniforms will be available all year.
  • Takkies, white socks and track suits are to be worn for sport and PE only.


  • The prescribed school wear is compulsory for all pupils.
  • Personal hygiene and neatness are of the utmost importance.


  • Hair styles must be suitable for school girls. Hair may not hang over the eyes and when long enough, it should be tied back or plaited.
  • Only maroon or white hair ribbons, alice bands and hair bands may be worn.
  • Nails must be kept short and clean and free of nail polish.
  • Conspicuous, fancy earrings are not allowed. Only plain gold or silver studs may be worn at the girl’s own risk. (The risk of injuries to the ears during sport and physical education must be borne in mind.)
  • Wrist watches may be worn but bangles, bracelets and necklaces are not allowed. Medic alert discs are not classified as jewellery.
  • No cellphones allowed at school.


  • A neat hairstyle is compulsory.
  • Nails must be kept neat and short.
  • Wrist watches may be worn at the pupil’s own risk. No chains, except medic alert discs, may be worn.
  • No earrings are allowed.
  • No cellphones allowed at school.