Code of Conduct

Helping children grow into the special people they are

At Kommetjie Primary we follow a unique STAR philosophy which we use in our everyday school life and which can be used in our everyday home lives too. The philosophy is based on the letters of the word STAR.

The meaning of S.T.A.R

Each letter represents a word which the children learn about. If there are any transgressions or positive occurrences during our school day, STAR is used to help the children understand themselves and their actions as they grow into the special people they are.

S = Safety : I must be mindful of safety at all times in my actions and the words I speak.

T = Tolerance : I need to be tolerant of differences within my school community

A = Attitude : I need to have a positive attitude towards all I do in my school day so that I may reap positive results.

R = Respect : I need to respect each person I interact with as well as respect the environment I work and play in.

You can download the official code of conduct here or from our Policies page.