The purpose of doing Homework

At Kommetjie Primary, we believe that homework reinforces and consolidates the work done in class. Not only does it develop responsibility and good learning habits, but also provides quality structured time between learners/parents and care-givers. Our sports policy can be found on the Policy Page of our website.

Daily Routine
Monday to Thursday

The three R’s and Afrikaans (for enjoyment)

Scaffold in terms of time

Content subjects as per class time-table

The 3 types

Practice – revise, review, reinforce

Preparatory-future work

Extension – imagination

Roles & Expectations

What is expected?

Take an active interest in homework

Provide an environment conducive to do homework

Monitor and sign completed homework

Not to do the homework

Communicate homework concerns to the teacher

What role should they play?

Homework given must be stimulating, relevant and classwork related

Must monitor/assess the homework

Must check it on a daily basis

Check for correspondence from parents

Provide feedback to parents/care givers iro homework

What role should they play?

Realise the importance of homework

Ensure homework is of a high standard

Make sure that your parent signs the homework completed

Understand the instructions with regards to the homework or projects

Honours deadlines iro homework or projects given