Our Staff

The people that make up our school are what makes us so great.

We are privileged to have a fantastic staff complement at Kommetjie Primary School. Our dedicated team of teachers and support staff genuinely care for the wellbeing and education of your children and the school. Feel free to email your teacher directly to schedule an appointment.

Meet the team

George Gueorguiev


Vera Botha


Karin Gentle

HOD & Grade R Teacher

Rita Elsworth

School Bursar & SMT

Marion Sivewright

Secretary & SMT

Stephanie Orgill


Andrew Kesner

General Worker

Zaahir Kesner

General Assistant

Lynn Vermeulen

Grade 1 Teacher

Karina Smit

Grade 2 Teacher

Cathy Eitzen

Grade 3 Teacher

Melanie Du Toit

SMT, Grade 4 Teacher & Fundraising

Jane Teixeria

Grade 5 Teacher

Vera Botha

SMT + Grade 6 Teacher

Matt Swindale

SMT & Grade 7 Teacher

Annemarie Punt

Music Teacher

Janice De Witt

Learning Support Teacher

Marsha Kikillus

Learning Support Teacher

Michelle Du Bois


Jessica O’Reilly

Librarian & Uniforms

Lucy Winter

SMT, Sports Co-Ordinator

Fagan Terry

Sports Coach

Tayla Hannigan

Extra Art & Intersen Student Teacher

Natalie Fisher

Foundation Phase Student Teacher

Faseehah Jacobs

Foundation Phase Student Teacher

Emma van der Merwe

Foundation Phase Student Teacher

Thareefah Delcarme

Intersen Student Teacher

Luke Jegels

Intersen Student Teacher

Leila Roberts

Foundation Phase Student Teacher