Lets keep our children healthy and happy

The tuckshop operates during the first and second break, every day of the week. We aim to provide healthy alternatives for snacks and meals and where possible, focus on environmentally friendly packaging. Our tuck shop is run by Candice Miller & Michelle Schilder-Rodgers.

Pre-Order your childrens lunches

You can preorder your lunches for each term. The menu changes daily to add variety. Halaal and Vegetarian options are available.
Please email tuckshop@kommetjieprimary.co.za for more information.

Did someone say birthday?

You can order a Vanilla or Chocolate tray baked (squares) Birthday Cake for your kids class for their birthday.
Serves 15 - 20 Children
Cost: R250 - includes sparkles / candles.

Email tuckshop@kommetjieprimary.co.za to place your order.